Monday, 18 April 2016

5 websites you probably have not heard of

Of course there are a lot of websites for different purposes but these websites listed top the websites that are not really scouted for and are really necessary.

Below are NaijaICT Top 5

1. Hackertyper

Hackertyper is one such amazing website on this list. You can prank your friends by showing of your coding speeds on this website. Open this website and just press anything. The website is designed to show your keystrokes as code.

2. Fake Name Generator

If you are a shy kind of guy or a privacy lover and hate to share your real name, this website will help you to create a fake full ID with full details. This website generates random fake id for any user and for any purpose.

3. Down for Everyone or Just Me

Sometimes many website go down or not open in your computer. This website helps you to check if website is really down or it’s just for you.

is it down

4. Use Google without Country Restriction

When you enter , Google redirect you to country domain like or If you want to use Google without any country restrictions, open .

 Google NCR

5. Live Hacking Attack Map

This website allows you to see live DDoS attacks taking place all over the world. You can see attacking IPs, attack types, ports and lots of other info.

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