Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Shopping at Online Marketplace

Online marketplace is a smart modern shopping solution. It is a unique place that allows getting absolutely everything you need, want or can imagine on one website. And by saying that, we mean that usually you don’t even have to leave your home. Online marketplace in its core is an ordinary market, only counters there are virtual, and communication between a seller and a buyer is not exactly face-to-face, but proceeded via email or phone.

If you want to see an online marketplace in action, go straight to Jiji.ng. It is a great online shopping spot, a place for people who have something to offer. Jiji allows posting advertisements for free, and such opportunity just cannot be neglected. As a result, we get a real social network for sellers and buyers.

Jiji’s main task is to control what is going on. We are not selling anything. We provide other people with such opportunity, so we have to be sure that every seller is a real person, who provides appropriate goods or services and leaves valid contacts. That’s why all sellers on the websites are verified.

However, buying and selling stuff is not the only thing Jiji is known for. Here you can find a wide variety of services, job offers and CVs. Some can find a job of their dreams, and some can hire an employee of their dreams. If you are trying to make the latter one a reality, open Seeking Work - CVs category. It doesn’t really matter a representative of what field you are or who you are looking for. After you open a page with CVs, you will notice a long list of spheres of activity – from farming to computing, from media to health care. You know what to do.

With Jiji, you can be always sure that you will find a right item or a right person. It is the biggest online marketplace in the country with over 530,000 active offers. And every month the average number of ads continues to grow. Discover all benefits offered by Jiji right now, become our 10,000,001st precious user.