Monday, 18 April 2016

Smart Mattress designed to detect cheating


A mattress company based in Spain wants you to rest easy thanks to technology it has developed to alert you if your bed is being used while you’re not in it.

Smartress is an innovation that alerts you if someone uses your phone in a suspicious way. A speedometer that reads input per minute and the input point.

The Durmet Smarttress, with its “lover detection system,” uses intelligent sensors to detect “suspicious” movement in your bed and will ping your phone if you’re not at home. With a YouTube ad set to dramatic music and headlines about rising rates of infidelity thanks to social media, if you live in Spain or not sure about your spouse you should apparently be very worried about who is using your bed.

We’re not quite sure how “the first mattress that detects deception” will differentiate between your unfaithful spouse and your kids using the bed as a trampoline. Or how it will know that a large dog that laughs at your rules about not going on the bed while you’re at work isn’t really the pool cleaner.

If your partner is not faithful , at least your mattress is with lover detection system.

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