Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Take Online Courses in the World Best Universities for FREE !!!

Many people roam aimlessly online with data-loaded phones and devices not making good and profitable use of it. They are either looking for gossips or just chatting for hours.

One beauty of the Internet is that, even if you are locked in a room, with just Internet connection and a computer, you can be as informed as someone out there.

Why not make good use of your time learning online for free. Yes! for free!! This sounds strange to many people because they believe that there is nothing free. Well, offers free educational courses from the best universities in the world. 

According to edX, they take their mission of increasing global access to quality education seriously. They connect learners to the best universities and institutions from around the world.

How it works
You receive an official credential from the institution and signed by the instructor. The certificate verifies your achievement and can be used to highlight skills on your skills on your resume or LinkedIn profile.

A lot of courses are offered for the public to learn at their pace or to be completed at a particular time.

Schools partnered with include and not limited to Massachsettes Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University, Berkerley University of California and so on....

A number of languages are offered for your comfort and better understanding of the courses.
so what are you waiting for.... and in case you care to ask.... Yes, I took Computer Science 50 from Harvard University through

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