Monday, 23 May 2016

The most effective method to download and see all that you've ever done on Facebook

Facebook has stored everything you've ever done on the site - all your old messages, statuses, pictures and your changing information.

For many people, this is a massive database of information, charting our lives since we first signed up to the social network.

Now, there's a way to quickly download all of the information onto your computer.

You can even see everyone you've unfriended since you got Facebook. Awkward.

Fancy delving into your past? Here's how you do it.

1. Click on Settings

2. Then go to General Setting and click to download your data

You then get a compress document with all your messages, pictures, data changes and other data - like who you have friended and unfriended throughout the years. 

It takes around ten minutes to get the email with your information, which you then download.

Facebook composed all the documented data as small website pages, so it's anything but difficult to peruse. 

You even get a rundown of everybody you've ever jabbed. 

Facebook likewise tries to perceive photos of you, and has photos of your face on record to use for facial acknowledgment. 

It likewise monitors your companion gatherings and who you are dear companions with.