Tuesday, 26 July 2016

What you should know about Security Job

The guard is a man whose main task is to ensure the safety of staff and property at the facility. There are some variations of the profession: a rapid response team officer, security driver, bodyguard. Security worker can work in the company on a permanent basis or to perform one-time orders for maintenance of valuable cargo, an important deal or to attend the talks. Security guard job differs depending on the facility - it can be a company, parking, shop, office, etc. Often the guard occupation does not have high demands, although in some cases, certain skills are vital.

Nevertheless, the security job is not only idleness. Even the most basic requirements of the security guard include resolving various conflicts at the workplace.  There was a similar case in one of the stores. Once the guard opened the door at night to go to the toilet (in the shop, which he was guarding). Two night passers quickly drag the poor fellow back to the store, put on the cold floor with tied hands and left, with stolen goods. So considering the stress experienced by a security guard at the settlement of various incidents, makes this kind of job not an easy one.

How to become a Security Guard?

Often the guard profession does not require special education. In some cases, the employee must be authorized to carry firearms or traumatic weapon. Preference is given to young men aged 25-35 years, with the past behind sporting or service in the armed forces. Scils of martial arts skills and medical training are a plus. Security worker should not only quickly respond in an emergency situation, but first prevent it in all possible ways.


     low requirements for the applicant;
     90% of the vacancies do not require special education;
     high demand in the labor market.


     the vast majority of employees believe that the profession of a guard is boring and does not assume any prospects;
     work on some objects can be dangerous for health and life;
     weak development of intellectual abilities.

Security services often conduct staff development courses, organizing shooting exercises. Instruction and daily checks are the integral parts of everyday work. Often the guard performs administrative tasks, such as advising users.
Career ladder is limited to post security chief. But over time, you can open your own private security company.

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