Friday, 12 August 2016

Step by Step procedure on MMM Registration to make 30% monthly

You are really interested in making 30% every month if you are here

To start go to Click on Registration.

Enter your details and leave the invite column as "webgenius" except you are been referred by someone else, but the point is that you need to be referred by some one. 

leave the guider's e-mail and Guider's Phone No empty

Enter other details and click on "Register in MMM"

On the Success page, you are asked to click on "Personal Office" to enter further details.

On, enter the captcha code, 

then enter your login details and click on Login

This should land you on your Dashboard

Next, go to Accounts at the top menu, click on "Add"
Fill in your banking details, 
Inside the "Bank Identifier Code (BIC): type BTC for BitCoin or type your bank name for bank accounts", type "OTHERBANK"

Click on save

Go back to the Dashboard and Click on "Provide Help"

Check the box and click on next

Check Other Bank and click next

Enter the amount you wish to provide Help with. The minimum is 1000. Enter the amount, click on select, type the same amount in the box below and click on next

Type the code on the "Confirm authenticity" page and click on next

Click "ok" on the message and proceed to dashboard.

Your request will show on the dashboard.

Congratulations. You are now in the system.

Note: Make sure to check your page everyday to everyday for someone to pay to and make sure that you pay within the time-frame given you or else you will be deleted from the system. Check your "mavros" to see your growth. After one month click on "Get help" and cash out. This is how it cycle continues.

Get yourself familiar with the "My Page".

Post questions below. I promise to get back as soon as I can.