Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Solve Maths like a Pro: Use Photomath Camera Calculator App

Photomath Camera Calculator application is one of the best applications accessible for both Android and iOS clients helping them to fathom numerical conditions like a genius! 

Mathematics is an amazing subject but there is a problem, not everyone is good at maths and if you are reading this article maybe just maybe you are one of them
(no offence if you are not) however there is an app for Android and iOS users that will solve mathematical equations for you, all you have to do is to turn the app on, aim it towards the equation and the app will solve it for you just like shown in the Gif below:

Photomath, Inc., the firm behind the development of this genius app says that ”Photomath does scanning completely automatically, with no need to press anything. Just make sure you are pointing the scanning rectangle directly at your math problem, and that the whole problem remains within the rectangle. If nothing happens, you may be holding the phone too close and the image is blurry, or the image is too dark. If nothing works, the problem may simply not be supported yet and will be available soon.”

Image from Photomath

Although this app great, it is advised that students use their brain during examinations.