Sunday, 13 November 2016

Still having bad reception? Try these 3 methods.

Browsing with a bad reception can be very annoying especially when you are planning to download or upload files or even to check e-mails.

Now solution cometh...These methods will automatically fix the network reception problem.

When there’s a clear line of sight between them, it’s easy for the two to hear each other. But when there are objects and obstructions in between, it gets a little harder for the two to communicate. 

When you see people raising their phones or moving to a window, they are basically trying to reduce the interference between the cell phone and cell tower.

Some simple tips that help:

  • Move outside or get near a window, away from thick walls, insulated interiors, etc.
  • Avoid tall barriers such as trees, hills, mountains, metal structures, and high buildings
  • Reduce interior clutter (e.g. magnetic & electronic clutter can interfere with cell waves) 
  • Get higher. Usually the second floor of the home gets better signal. 

All these tips should help get you better reception.

Weather may also affect service, too, like rain, snow and thunderstorms. 

Just remember this, less things between your cell phone and the cell tower, the easier the two can keep communicating. Even shifting your position a few feet can contribute to better reception. 

Knowing the closest cell phone tower locations helps tremendously when it comes to getting the best reception: the closer your phone is to the tower, the better the signal strength. 
Your smartphone is a great way to find signal strength.

First, a short technical explanation and surprising truth.

Cell phone signals are measured in dB (decibels). They're basically radio waves, the AM/FM kind. All cellular devices operate within this standard:-50 dB to -120 dB signal level.

-50 dB is considered full strength (full bars). -120 dB is considered a dead zone.

Find dB readings on your phone.
Walk around your house.
The number closest to -50 dB is where you get your best signal.
So how do you find dB reading on your smartphone? It's usually under the settings menu. 
Go to settings:

Go to about phone or tablet.
click on status


Your telephone needs to do numerous things. Associating with a phone tower takes a steady supply of force, so in case you're low on battery, your telephone won't not have enough squeeze to locate a flag. 

The accompanying best practices ought to moderate battery control: 

  • Kill equipment alternatives like Bluetooth and NFC when not being used. 
  • Bring down screen brilliance 
  • Close pointless and unused applications working out of sight 
  • Kill push warnings 
  • Overhaul to most recent firmware 
  • Keep telephone far from extraordinary temperatures 

Yet, in the event that still discover your mobile phone lacking force before the end of the day, we'd suggest a compact battery charger or case.

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