Sunday, 18 June 2017

How to Save your AC Adapter

Some of us are so busy in our daily lives using innovative technologies and devices that we forget to even know about these amazing devices work, even more so when we're talking about laptops. Most of us don’t know the internal mechanism and how everything operates in that square box.
One essential thing for these laptops is an AC adapter. An AC adapter is an electrical device that is used in other devices that either has no power source or they run on batteries. What AC adapter does is that it draws the power from an AC circuit and converts it into direct current (DC) which is then used by devices such as laptops.

As Compared to other components of a laptop, AC adapters when plugged in, get warm the more the laptop is used. A warm adapter is an ok thing, but it becomes much hotter, then there is a problem either with your adapter or with your laptop, and worse it could burn your laptop or power circuit. To keep your AC adapter working smoothly, follow the steps below and keep your increase the life of your AC adapter.

Check the Charging

Whenever you are using the laptop, you need to make sure that you unplug the adapter when the laptop battery is fully charged. Whatever you are doing on your laptop, checking the charging status will not prevent you from doing your work. So always check if the charging is full or not. When it’s full, remove the cord, simple!

Remove the adapter from the circuit

When you’re done with laptop charging, or even if you’re not charging the laptop and the adapter is still plugged into the circuit, pull out the adapter immediately. Because if you don’t, the electric current passing from the main circuit, when fluctuates, will cause severe damage to your adapter or burn it.

Keep away from liquid

Electrical device has to be kept away from any type of liquid no matter what, be it an adapter. When using your laptop, never place drinks and other liquid materials near the laptop and the adapter. If anyhow water gets inside the adapter, it will eventually burn or explode. So, a big NO to drinks when using the laptop.
The above tips will not only save and increase the lifespan of your adapter, but also the lifespan of your laptop. AC adapter is an important part of your laptop, without a charger, you won’t be able to use your laptop for much longer. So always keep your charger away from overcharging, unnecessary plugging in, and from liquid materials, and your adapter will never let you down.

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