Friday, 27 October 2017

12 Proofs NaijaTaxi is Scam/Fraud & Ponzi!!!

NaijaTaxi is a Nigerian Taxi company that promise rides in some states and its registered in Nigeria. Majorly, it accrues its income from its affiliate marketers who promotes its business name using the popular social media, Facebook.
These affiliate marketers register with #5000 and earn #500 daily for promoting their brands on their pages.

Unknown to many affiliate marketers, NaijaTaxi is ONLY willing to defraud them of their #5000 and at the same time, earn popularity for their brand online.

Proofs to show that NaijaTaxi is fraud/Scam and Ponzi
1. How many people really joined NaijaTaxi and earned #15,000 per month as promised? Not much. As a matter of fact, the proceeds is shared among them and their managers, whom they use at the local level to liaise with 
the public.This is pure scam.

2. During the transition to another server ((godaddy) - according to them), How did they compensate their affiliate marketers who painstakingly shared posts in the midnight, wasted data and time? Nothing was done. Pure Scam.

3. After the so-called transition, many marketers were unhappy and vetted out their complains in the social media group they find themselves, surprisingly, the group admins(managers) deleted these people from the group just for expressing their feelings. Which sane company does that if not one that has something to hide and not clean?

4. Affiliate marketers that bring in new ones are only compensated, i.e. paid. These majorly are the managers. These ones flaunt the screenshot of their account statement to give the impression that that everyone will be paid handsomely. In essence, it is only a plot to lure in 
innocent ones.

5. You can imagine at this age of technology that NaijaTaxi compiles names of its affiliate marketers eligible for withdrawal by hand i.e. manually. This enables them to filter out names and pay only a few. 

Since on the 5th of October, 2017, some are still unpaid and yet no rule was violated. Scam at the highest degree. Robbing Peter to pay Paul. 

6. Initially, many people decided to market for them because it was non-referral. All of a sudden, a new rule was enforced that you MUST refer before withdrawal. This came as a shock to all of people, hence got their hard-earning frozen in their online account.

7. They later introduced renewal from the online account, all of a sudden, within few days, it was stopped. This is to ensure everything is to their favour. Now, marketers can't renew from the online account but will have to pay another #5,000 to their account. Imagine this level of scam!!!

8.They later introduced a form to get a refund. This was seen a way out to many marketers. To the surprise of many, the form only made available for less that 5 hours and it closed the same day it was introduced. This made many to be unable to get a refund till date and got their accounts expired because they can't afford to renew. Imagine this coming from a registered company in Nigeria. They should be sued.  

9.When this scheme was introduced, all withdrawals are paid made on Thursdays and payments are made on or before Sunday. When they had seen the influx of Nigerian who wish to make an honest living to promote their brand, they postponed payments to the next Wednesday, giving them a full week. by the time payments should be done, they will start finding excuses and even saying the marketer did something wrong while trying to withdraw, so the money is gone. Can you imagine this level of scam?

10. They claim to compete with Uber in comfort and price. Their price is incredibly high. Imagine going from Unilag to Ikeja for #2,500. Reasonable price indeed. What do you think?

11. They say, you can use your registration fee to get a ride voucher, till now, no single affiliate marketer have enjoyed the ride.

12. With the level of civilization and technology in Nigeria today, people, if registration fee can be paid and withdrawn automatically, what stops withdrawals from being done automatically too? After all, in as much as you have money in your bank account, you can withdraw from the ATM anytime? It is simply because they want to scam and defraud people.

Nigerian should beware of them as they are not sincere in agreement. I won't be surprised if after reaching your destination, the driver asks you to pay extra.

NiajaTaxi CEO and its managers should be arraigned, prosecuted, charged accordingly and made to pay for their sins because in this economic state in Nigeria, Noone/company  should be allowed to go unpunished for this level of fraud.

This post is not to discourage anyone for joining or using their service, but know that you are dealing with scumbags, fraudulent people and scammers.

This post must reach the highest level of authority in this country. Justice must be served.